About Us

We believe in an e-commerce where people have a voice. Where humans are connected to each other rather than to anonymous bots and heartless algorithms. The next evolutional step of e-commerce requires human participation to fit the customers needs.

The Story

Before Trendiamo was founded both, Daniel and Wolfgang the founders of Trendiamo, worked in startups that tackled the challenge of curating products to people. While Daniel worked with an influencer marketing approach, creating personalized fashion items for niche audiences making influencer marketing accessible for the “long-tail influencers”, Wolfgang helped building the successful german startup Outfittery which matches customers with the right clothing pieces by providing everyone with a real personal stylist. It became very clear that real human connection is still key when it comes to selling products especially in times of online mass-sales with tremendously broad assortments where the shopping experience tends to be anonymous, cold and unguided. When Wolfgang and Daniel met both faced identical issues: e-commerce performs quite poorly for the effort you have to put into it. It’s not engaging for customers and the navigation through the massive supply is boring. It’s lacking the human connection, guidance and true inspiration. While some startups try to disrupt this trend with automated showcase, AI and chat bots the two believe that online shopping is missing only one thing: People. And so they founded Trendiamo in late 2017, a startup which mission is to “humanize” e-commerce by decentralizing the power of motivated selling to individuals with passion for products in a scalable way.

The Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Builds the Trendiamo framework of investors, business partners and advisors to make sure we are always on track. Has a daily 5 minute rant of how poor the current e-com experience is.


Co-Founder & Head of Product

Acts as the bridge between rough feature ideas, brainstormings and the actual product development. Made making stupid jokes to cheer everyone up in a meeting his side job.



Makes sure that we keep our product roadmap realistic in terms of features and the effort to make them happen. Can answer the most complicated tech questions with “yes” or “no”.


Sales Director

Takes care of all our clients and partners and connects them to our product. Only exists in two states: “Currently in a call” or “Preparing for a call”.


UI / UX Design

Ana, makes sure that the chaos of design ideas made by the rest of the team somehow magically funnels into something useful. Which it always does.


Growth Manager

Monitors numbers and makes sense of how people interact with our product. Came up with our tag line in one minute after everyone else thought about it for a week.


Backend Developer

Churns out features like clockwork. Navigates steady through calm or troubled waters.


Frontend Developer

Builds Trendiamo from a different chair every month. Can speak 4 languages in a deep, soothing voice.


Frontend Developer

Makes the designs come alive like no-one else - frontend is his thing. Likes to get “technical”, as he puts it.


Office Manager

The king of the office that helps everyone with everything. Without him the space would be a complete chaos.


Senior Developer

You have at least 5 years of experience as developer in either (p)react, ruby on rails, graphql, VueJs or Angular and are looking for a job with this amazing team? Drop us an email!