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Luxury essentials made affordable. 100% organic. Available online and in select stores. HQ in Lisbon. Transparently made in Portugal.

ISTO. was founded by three men who, maybe like yourself, enjoy dressing well but have grown weary of the fashion establishment. When it comes to menswear, we enjoy all sorts of brands, sizes, shapes and colors.

We do not enjoy the growing disparity in quality and price.We’re pretty much tired of seasonality and special collections and whatnot.

We hate that so much is invested in marketing these days and so much of it relies on the ability to deceive you.

And we hate all the frustration that came with this. So you could say we started ISTO. out of pure disenchantment, with an urge to find out if we could dress better and spend less. Spoiler alert: you can!

ISTO. is not only our way of letting you know that premium menswear can be awesome and affordable. It is also a platform for communication, with its own digital magazine (print coming soon!)and a few other cool things we’re planning. It is also a community of consumers whose feedback is the ultimate reward and driving force. You will help iterate existing items and develop new products for ISTO., be it design, materials and, most importantly, price.

Go ahead. Try it on and let us know.

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