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What is Trendiamo

We connect over 5 million products from over 200K online stores with anyone - and provide them with the tool to present, recommend and sell their favorite products to everyone creating the best possible online shopping experience!

What people think about us

Influencers we work with
"There are so many things that I would love to share and support. Now I can share and answer everything without diluting my social media feed with too much advertisement."
"I want to discover new, exciting and sustainable things and share them with my community on my personal Trendiamo profile."

How it works

Browse through people
Find your favorite persons personal shop via our people-search or watch their social media bio.
Get excited
Get inspired by all the wonderful content from the people and products you love. Support and shop in one central place.
Become a part
Become part of Trendiamo yourself and experience thousands of new products, share them and earn when someone buys through your refferal link.

How it works

Choose your product
Find the products that you identify with and you want to recommend, easily order them with a discount from our portfolio if you don’t have them already.
Design your shop
Upload your content about the product to your individual store that you have created before within 3 clicks. Arrange the content, write about it and don’t be shy. It’s your shop!
Use your shop link
Share your unique shop link wherever you want to recommend your products. Lead your friends and followers into your shop and earn money on a commission basis.
Don't worry!
There are no rules, scripts or demands for your creativity and the way you choose to present your products. The brands behind your chosen products will fulfill the orders you generated and be still responsible for everything else.

How it works

Connect your store
Install our plugin from the shopify appstore and select your products you wish to sell through trendiamo.
Push your products to Trendiamo
Influencers can then choose from your products in the Trendiamo marketplace and start selling them for you.
Start receiving orders
Once a costumer buys one of your products through an influencer store our plugin will communicate the order with your shopify backend. Handle and fullfill the order like it is your own. You automatically pay us a commission per sales success.
Don't worry!
Get reports about sales and customer metrics. Customers of your products pay and checkout on our site. Receive weekly or monthly payouts for the orders that were created through Trendiamo.

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Push your online products directly to influencers and customers within a few clicks. Our self regulating platform will do the rest for you and give you instant sales feedback. It can be so easy! You just need the right tool.
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