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Oficina Shanti

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Oficina Shanti

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The knowledge of the local craftspeople from a small village in Thailand together with a modern and sustainable design resulted in this super light and comfortable handmade shoes. They were made to travel and are perfect for a casual everyday adventure.

100% Vegan made with natural materials, cotton / linen or hemp, rope and natural rubber.

Care - Handwash with a damp cloth in warm soapy water.

Size Guide:
35 - 22,5 cm
36 - 23    cm
37 - 23,5 cm
38 - 24,5 cm
39 - 25    cm
40 - 26,5 cm
41 - 27,5 cm
42 - 28    cm
43 - 28,5 cm
44 - 29,5 cm
45 - 30    cm

Supplied and shipped by Rafaela Cardoso Fortunato - Lisbon, Portugal
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It was her endless curiousity and her most wanderlust desire of exploring the world and meet its people, rituals, beliefs, traditions and crafts that led Rafaela to travel half of the world to go to India. There she met a whole new world and took the decision of living a more fulfilling and sustainable life.


For this she created Shanti - Made in Travelling, her way of sharing her passion for textiles and traditional crafts and fulfil her duty as a community psychologist trying to create opportunities to empower the communities she loves to meet and work with… Nowadays she shares the wisdom of crafts people of the world through sustainable fashion with unique collections full of love, good vibes and eco designs.

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