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Formal leather sneaker, produced with premium materials, goat suede
leather upper, leather lining and cushioned foam insole for extra comfort.

Bi-color TR flexible sole.

Delivered with two extra pairs of laces to create your own outfit.

SAMRI leather shoes, your skin on skin!

Two sisters with a childhood dream of working together in the fashion world end up following different paths.


Filipa is a nurse midwife and Gabriela is an architecture student in FAUP.
Rough times, in a crisis country, where nothing is taken for granted make them get down to business.
Simultaneously with their professional and academic projects, they decided to recover their dream, creating their own footwear brand – SAMRI.
SAMRI is a 100% Portuguese brand, based in a small town in the north of Portugal.
Besides the contemporaneous style, SAMRI is proud of his quality, glamour, and comfort of is products. SAMRI is a compromise between price, quality, and design. Our main goal is the satisfaction and pleasure of the customers.
Our production policy includes integrating principles of sustainability into business
decisions responsible use of natural resources, adoption of cleaner production and pollution prevention measures and designing and developing products, materials, and technologies according to the principles of sustainability.
All our articles are produced under EU legislation and only by using certified/audited
SAMRI is proud to deliver 100% real leather products with great quality comfort and
affordable prices.

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