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Rule nº1 Backpack Nude


Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 1Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 2Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 3Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 4Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 5Rule nº1 Backpack Nude
Product image 6Rule nº1 Backpack Nude

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Reversible backpack in real leather. Nude colour in one side. Back in light grey  leather. Both sides with golden plaque. Grey elastic, and adjustable straps in grey leather. Two inner pockets

Supplied and shipped by BONJOURAMIS UNIPESSOAL LDA - Porto, Portugal
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This is the tale about two girls with an obvious passion for fashion and handbags.


If the first loves sweets, the second one prefers salty snacks. If one likes movies, the other one prefers music. If one likes quiet places, the other one prefers parties. One of them will be forever the sentimental girl, and the other the rational girl. The list goes on. However, there is one thing they have in common, a big friendship from which Maria Maleta’s has born.

We believe that every person has two personal sides, therefore most of our products reflect that versatility as they can be used in many different ways. There is no stereotypes neither any rules, that is the freedom to be expressed in a timeless product.

Maria Maleta is a Portuguese brand of design leather goods, only in genuine leather and evidences the quality on raw materials with the best production in Portugal.

Since the moment we choose our raw-materials, through all the production and packaging procedures, we spoil your Maria with love and care, so that she can bring to you our gratitude for believing in us. Your Bag will be always a good partner, we taught her that. And your bag it's also our dream, thank you for your contribution.

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